Make This Holiday the Season of Giving in Celebration, FL

giving a helping handDid you know that Osceola County alone has over 5,000 families and children in need of financial aid and supplies? This holiday season, instead of just focusing on the presents we’ll be purchasing for our own families and loved ones, let’s take some time to give back to the Celebration community and help out those around us who most need it. Here are just a few ways you can help make life in Osceola County just a little better.

Work with Celebration Foundation

Celebration Foundation is a nonprofit organization located right here in Celebration that provides food, aid, supplies, education, and support to those in need. They serve the community by partnering with local businesses, charities, organizations, and volunteers to create programs that provide aid and services to the community.

Programs Funded by Celebration Foundation

celebration foundation aidThe Foundation has had a hand in the creation and maintenance of many local programs. WINGS is an organization that supports and empowers young women and encourages them to pursue leadership roles. The Celebration Foundation Concert Series helps to expose youth to the beauty of music. Thriving in Place allows senior citizens to age in the comfort of their own homes with the support they need. Campus Express sponsors campus tours to local colleges. The Foundation even offers a local scholarship program to high school students.

Osceola Connected

Osceola Connected was originally founded by Celebration Foundation, and the organization still plays a major hand in its funding and operations. Osceola Connected is a group of organizations and charities joined together to combat childhood hunger by providing various services, including meal packing and collecting shoes, clothes, and other supplies for children. Additionally, the program runs Learning Without Hunger, which provides weekend food to over 1,000 students during the school year.

Give Back to the Celebration Foundation

giving back in celebrationThe Foundation sponsors numerous events and drives throughout the year, which means they’re always looking for donations and volunteers! Additionally, if you’re a business or a charity, Celebration Foundation offers partnership events.

Attend an Upcoming Holiday Event in Celebration

On December 3 and 4, Celebration Foundation will be sponsoring and hosting the Celebration Holiday Home Tour & Winter Wonderland. Take a tour of Celebration’s beautifully-decorated homes, then make a stop at Celebration Town Hall for a winter wonderland display—all while helping out a number of great causes!

Help Make Life Good in Celebration Florida

Life is pretty good in Celebration, FL, and one of the things that makes it so great is the connected community of its residents. Not a resident yet? Come explore, find your home here, and become a part of the Celebration community! Contact me today to learn more about buying a home in Celebration, FL.

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