What Does Community Mean to You?

Community is a word that evokes many different images. If you’re looking for a textbook definition of community, the internet has an abundance of options.  Here are a few examples.

  1. A group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common
  2. An interactive population of various kinds of individual (as species) in a common location
  3. A group of organisms or populations living and interacting with one another in an environment

Maybe it’s just me, but reading these definitions all I can think of is NOPE, NOPE, AND NOPE!

The first thing that pops out when I see the word community is “unity”.  It’s right there, unmistakably present.  In my mind, the commonality and location are nowhere near as important as the UNITY, or bringing people together.

celebration fl beautiful downtown waterfrontFor the past twenty years I’ve been blessed to live and work in the commUNITY of Celebration, FL, a quintessential town built on the foundation of turning neighbors into friends, and a town into a family.  Think Mayberry and Aunt Bee.  Think Cheers where everybody knows your name.   Think of a town designed for front porch rocking chairs, expansive parks and playgrounds, year-round community gatherings, a dog park, Food Truck Friday’s, Art festivals, Antique car shows, parades down brick paved streets, horse drawn carriages and carolers at Christmas time.  Oh, and did I mention that the town of Celebration was built by Disney?

The sense of commUNITY in Celebration goes beyond what I can adequately put into words so take a quick moment to see for yourself in this short video.

I love this town and I’m grateful to spend my days working closely with current and future residents.  It’s an honor and privilege to help newcomers find their perfect home, and help established residents with their real estate needs.

Celebration homes come in all shapes and sizes.  You’ll find everything ranging from condos to sprawling mansions…something to suit everyone’s budget.  The town is comprised of beautiful villages uniquely designed to suit personal tastes.

Check out all the available homes in Celebration, and give me a call.  I’d love to introduce you to this amazing community that I call home!  407-433-9699

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