Everything You Need to Know About Downsizing a Home in Celebration, FL

Family sizes change. It happens—kids move out, separations and divorces occur, other relatives move in or out. No matter what the circumstance, the facts remain: your current home is too big or unaffordable and you’re in search of another. Downsizing can definitely be a little tricky if you’re not prepared, so here’s what you need to know about downsizing a home in Celebration, FL.

The Benefits of Downsizing a Home

Whether you are finding your current home suddenly too large—those unused rooms collecting dust or the gutters and roof becoming hard to reach—or you’re considering the financial benefits of lower mortgage payments, there are many benefits to downsizing.

Smaller homes are less maintenance. Downsizing to a townhome or condo may even mean no exterior maintenance. Smaller homes are less costly, and you may even be able to pay the home off entirely if you make enough on the sale of your larger home.

How to Downsize a Home Without a Major Headache

Downsizing has its benefits, but it can also be a major pain. After all, you’re used to having a certain amount of living space, and you’ve most likely got enough stuff to fill that space. Downsizing isn’t just making your living space smaller; you’ve got to downsize your personal belongings, too. So, here’s what to do to keep it from becoming overwhelming.

1. Have a Plan

making a plan for downsizing a home in celebrationTake inventory of all your belongings. What would you replace if it were all gone? These are the things you keep. Then, make a secondary list of the things you’d ideally like to keep if you’ve got the space. Everything else… might need to go.

2. Start Reducing NOW

hosting a garage sale for downsizing a home in celebrationNow that you’ve got your lists, it’s time to actually start removing the clutter. For more valuable items, like furniture or dishware, consider having a yard sale. Clothes and books can be donated. Be choosy—it’s time to part ways with duplicate items and knick-knacks or mementos that don’t serve any function.

Bonus: decluttering your home is highly beneficial when staging and getting your home ready to shine in its listing photos!

3. Start Packing Early, Too

packing early for downsizing a home in celebrationPacking up the things you don’t need long before you move, or even close, will help you maintain your sanity when the actual moving date comes. Getting a jump on the packing reduces the amount of things you need to worry about and do during the home-buying process.

4. Determine Your Ideal Home

determining what type of home is best for downsizing in celebrationBe realistic when determining what kind of home is best for you. Sure, a downtown condo might be fun, but will you miss the peace and quiet, or having a yard? How much space do you actually need? Will you be looking for any community amenities, like a pool or recreation center? How about included maintenance?

Consider your location—how close do you want to be to Downtown? How about the golf course, parks, or other attractions? Consider also the style of your ideal home; larger and more elaborate architectural styles of Victorian or Arts and Crafts tend to require more upkeep, while ranches and bungalows are much easier on maintenance.

5. Start Searching Homes for Sale in Celebration

searching affordable homes for sale in celebrationNow that you know what you’re looking for, it’s time to start searching homes for sale in Celebration! You can start with downsizing-friendly affordable homes to get some ideas, or go right for an advanced search to tailor the search to your specific needs.

6. Find a Expert Celebration Agent

finding an expert local realtor when downsizing a home in celebrationEven if you have plenty of experience in real estate, it’s still important to work with a good Buyer’s Agent who can help you find the ideal home for your needs and lifestyle. In addition to knowing the neighborhoods of Celebration inside and out, the right agent will be able to negotiate on your behalf and guide you through all the closing paperwork.

Searching for an Agent to Help You Downsize in Celebration?

Then it’s time to contact Dana Hall-Bradley! As your guide to buying a home in Celebration, as well as downsizing in Central Florida, I’m here to help you, every step of the way.

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